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This is a list of some of the ways we've given back to the community as a whole.

Police and Fire Departments:
The Grapevine Mission has delivered fruit baskets to the local Police and Fire Departments to show our gratitude for their great contributions to the community. The fruit baskets are from our monthly fresh fruit program.

Dwight Township High School Drama Class:
We were lucky enough to have recieved several large bags full of leather gloves, hats, purses, scarves, and several other usable props. Not being able to use them elsewhere and having a waste not want not attitude, we donated them to the local drama class. They were so happy to use them in upcoming productions they all posed for a picture wearing them.

Dwight Township High School Foods Class:
We received several bulk bags of baking goods that we were unable to hand out. They included 50lb flour, 50lb cocoa powder, 50lbs sugar, 50lbs salt, 50lb donut mix, as well as other baking materials.

Dwight Township High School Prizes:
We donated 200 2ft sticks of gum to the high school to use for prizes in a giveaway they were doing at the time.

Dwight Grade School:
We received cases of the same Christmas book and decided to take them to the local grade school. We had enough where every single classroom in the grade school recieved a copy to keep and read to their classes.

Chicago Children's Memorial Hospital:
Due to a generous contribution, we were able to donate 200 beanie babies to the Chicago Children's Memorial Hospital.

Morris Hospital:
We donated hundreds of coloring books and crayons to the Morris Hospital.

Veterans Hospital:
We donated hundreds of pairs of socks and underwear to the Veterans Hospital to honor those who have served our country.

Just Animals:
We opened up our facility to allow Just Animals to offer low cost shots and other services to be offered to those in our area with furry family members that need help affording their upkeep.

Senior Citizen Centers:
We have partnered with local senior citizen centers several times in the past. These include providing bingo prizes for their game night as well as other needed items.

Senior And Disabled Apartment Complex:
We deliver monthly food and basics to entire apartment complex's in our area. This includes Senior and disabled complexes. We have also provided them snacks and drinks for their community parties and offered them other services in their community room that they would have no transportation to get to otherwise.



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