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Emergency food is available normally within 24-48 hours for disaster or crisis situations. Dignity Packages are likewise available. These include personal hygiene items, paper products like toilet paper and cleaning supplies. The care packages include personalized needs whenever possible. Needs are posted on The Grapevine Mission's Facebook page and updated in real time.
PANTRY DAYS are a free program. Food is distributed to those who are in need of food. This event is open to the public.
Please consider donating to help a hungry neighbor! Food and monetary donations needed!! Sponsor a family for as little as $25. A $100 sponsorship restocks the pantry for one month's expenditures.
PANTRY DAYS may include fresh food items in the "fresh is best" program. All programs and services are provided free by the generous support of partners, sponsors and donations. Contact us today for more information on how you, your company, church, school or group can help. GVM is supported solely by the community so we rely on people like YOU!!
The Grapevine Mission operates as a public charity which means the organization is 100% volunteer operated and 100% community supported therefore aide is dependent upon community support! What can you do today to change lives?
We are excited to announce the introduction to a fresh fruits and vegetables
program beginning in August of 2016. Expanded partnerships are coordinating directly to the community the ability to eat healthier and fresher foods! Thanks to Midwest Food Bank, Kroger and Walmart.

Actual Photos of "Fresh is Best" Program Distributions




Dignity packages are personal hygiene and cleaning products. These are items that are considered luxuries to the poorest amongst us. Items that are not provided through government assistance programs.
Items needed include:
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Shampoo & Conditioner
Body Wash & Soaps
Laundry Soap
Feminine Hygeine products
Dish Soap & Cleaners

Items that many take for granted and are used on a daily basis are needed. 


Compassion Baskets are filled with comfort items to provide reassurance and hope to those suffering a cancer diagnosis or traumatic medical event. Often times the simplest of things mean the most and reminding that attitude is everything! A warm blanket or soft towels, a comfort beverage or soothing bath, a inspirational book or some beauty products. Each is personalized and a pharmacy or super center gift card is an amazing addition to making life easier during the battle. 

The Homeless Turn Key Program is a free service to those recovering from homelessness or re-establishing a home after a crisis or natural disaster. Individuals and families receive personalized care in the form of furniture, kitchen and household basics, clothing and food.
It is intended to give encouragement through a sound foundation into recovery. The assistance is intended to build cofidence and provide assurance in the foundational building of their new life.
Clean operating furniture and appliances donations are needed. Dressers are the most requested item. GVM doesn't accept used mattresses due to health concerns.

New and Like New Items Needed:
Armoires & Wardrobes
Refridgerators (dorm & reg. size)
Stoves (gas & elect)
Small Kitchen Appliances
Home Decor
Pots n Pans
Dishes & Glasses
Cleaning Supplies
Mops, Brooms & Vacuums
Beds (only new mattresses plz)
Tables & Chairs
End/Side Tables
Toys & Books

Homeless Carepackages are also available and distributed to those that are on the streets and in shelters. Homeless packs are filled with MRI self cooking meals, wet wipes, deoderant, hygeine items and single serve food items. A gallon or two gallon ziplock or even a back pack or duffle bag can be used for distribution.

Items Needed:
Wet Wipes
Personal Size hygeine items
Toe/Hand Warmers
Hats & Gloves


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