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An Apple A Day:
A single mother of two small boys under the age of ten was a regular client of ours. Upon the start of our fresh produce program, we delivered some fresh produce with their usual food package. The boys had come to know us and were always excited to see us coming with boxes. This delivery was different for the boys. They began jumping up and down excited to see there were apples in the box. More so then they were for the snacks or chips that were in the package as well. All they wanted were the apples, which was like Christmas morning for them.

Moving On Up:
A single mother was living in her car with her 9month old baby. It wasnít the life she wanted for herself or her child. We helped her get into low-income housing and helped her with all her startup necessities. She took what she was taught and went back to school to become a CNA to give a better life to her child. Within one year of her move-in date, she made too much money to continue to live in low-income housing. The help jumpstarted her and her childís life for the better.

Whatís For Dinner?:
During one of our work days, one of our volunteers noticed something occurring nearby. Two young boys were digging in a nearby dumpster, trying to find something to eat for dinner. We began delivering to their families on a regular basis, helping them with food and basic items. It helped fill the void that their income wasnít covering. The boys, now much older, still smile and wave in remembrance of the impact we made on their lives.

A Fresh Start:
We were contacted by a young man relocating from out of state. He had nothing and no one in the area. He just wanted new opportunities for jobs. Within 6 months, we had him a good paying job, and his own place. We delivered furniture and basic household items for him to move in with. We also provided him starting food and toiletries. He is still self-sufficient. And the impact we made on his life was so great, that he even comes to volunteer when he can. 

Under The Tree:
Yearly, we deliver stockings to entire senior communities. On one of these instances, an elderly woman answered the door in tears. She had gone all out decorating her apartment with Christmas decorations. Everything from tinsel to a big Christmas tree. She said she had been sitting there thinking about how she did all that decorating and didnít have anything to put under the tree. She was contemplating wrapping empty boxes just to have something to open Christmas morning. She was so happy to put the stocking under the tree and counted down the days until Christmas when she could open it. 

A Clean Beginning:
A woman came to us to pick up a food package. She informed us that she had children of her own and had always fostered children. Her current foster children were a teenage boy and his younger sister. She didnít want them to be separated in the system and opened her home to them. She was in the process of adopting them, making her home their permanent home as well. The teenage boy came with her to help load the car. We told them they could go through our personal products and pick things out to take with them. The boy was so happy when he saw that we had toothbrushes available. Which is something that most people donít see as a luxury item, a new toothbrush. He then saw shampoo. In a house with that many children, it was a big deal for him to have his own bottle of shampoo. He said they had to always share and that they had been using bar soap for the past month. This boy went above and beyond and picked out things he knew his siblings would like who werenít there to choose for themselves. Then, he refused to put the toothbrush in the box, instead wanted to carry it with him the ride home.

A Place To Call Home:
A young girl and her boyfriend found out they were expecting their first child. There were no job opportunities in the area so they relocated near family in Illinois. Within the first month, we helped her boyfriend find a job to support his growing family. We also helped them get into an apartment and fully furnished it. They are still self-sufficient and are expecting their second child now.

An Answer To Prayers:
We had two teenage boys volunteer to help us deliver our regular food packages to a local senior complex. When they knocked on one womanís door, they were surprised by the response. The woman was very surprised to see them. She was convinced that they had to be angels sent from heaven. She explained to them that she had just in that moment been praying for god to make a way where there seemed to be no way. She had nothing to eat at all and no way to get food. She was so grateful she immediately went inside to start putting the food away. A few minutes later, she came outside to thank the boys again because her favorite food was in the box. Something she hadnít been able to afford in years. The teenage boys were quite surprised that they had such an impact. For the rest of the day, smiles never left their faces for feeling like real angels.

A Girlís Best Friend:
A family had lost their home and all of their possessions in a tragic fire. They were staying in a hotel and needed help getting clothes, school supplies, and other basic needs. The mother told us that her daughter had lost her doll in the fire as well. Which was her best friend. The girl was having trouble sleeping without her and kept crying over the loss of her doll. A generous donor decided she was going to go out and buy a doll for the little girl to help ease the pain of the loss. When the family received the doll, they were overjoyed. Without having any information, the woman had purchased her the exact same doll. The girl had her best friend back and was very happy.  

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